Product Spotlight: Holosun 407K-GR X2 A Green Dot Savior for Subcompact Pistols

Product Spotlight: Holosun 407K-GR X2 A Green Dot Savior for Subcompact Pistols

Holosun 407K-GR X2: A Green Dot Savior for Subcompact Pistols

The Holosun 407K-GR X2 is an open reflex sight specifically designed for concealed carry applications on subcompact pistols. This upgraded version of the popular 407K boasts several improvements, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable red dot sight for their everyday carry gun.

X2 Series Upgrades:

The X2 designation signifies upgrades over the original 407K. The most notable addition is Lock Mode, which prevents accidental button presses and setting changes. This is a welcome feature for those who worry about adjustments during holstering or while on the move.

Green Dot Advantage:

The 407K-GR X2 features a 6 MOA green dot reticle. Green reticles are generally considered faster to pick up for the human eye, especially in low-light conditions. This allows for quicker target acquisition in critical situations.

Shake Awake™ Technology:

Another key feature is Holosun’s signature Shake Awake™ technology. This ingenious system powers on the sight when movement is detected and automatically powers it down when still. This not only extends battery life (up to a staggering 50,000 hours!), but also ensures the sight is ready when you need it most.

Additional Features:

  • Super LED: Provides exceptional brightness and efficiency.
  • 12 Brightness Settings: Offers options for various lighting conditions, including two night vision compatible settings.
  • Side-Mounted Battery Tray: Enables easy battery replacement without needing to remove the sight from the firearm.
  • Parallax-Free & Unlimited Eye Relief: Allows for natural and quick target acquisition from any shooting position.

Is the 407K-GR X2 Right for You?

If you’re looking for a feature-rich, mini red dot sight for your subcompact carry pistol, the Holosun 407K-GR X2 is a top contender. Its green dot reticle, Shake Awake™ technology, and overall durability make it a strong choice for everyday carry applications. With its extended battery life and improved Lock Mode, the X2 series upgrade offers additional peace of mind for concealed carriers.

Remember: Always consult a qualified gunsmith for proper installation and zeroing of any red dot sight.

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